Sunday, June 22, 2008


On the Sermon on the Mount, what do you think Christ meant when He said "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."? And/or what does "meek" mean to you?


Tyler Jorgenson said...

To me, the "meek' have always been those not caught up in the vain things of the world. The ones who humbly go about their Fathers business.

Anonymous said...

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da Bergs said...

Meek... I always think of meek as the opposite of pride. I think we are warned a LOT in the Book of Mormon on pride...

Not sure who started this blog... was it you Debby? GREAT idea... we talked about it but I just havent had time! THANKS

Just a thought... now sure how the rest of you feel but I thought it would be nice to read our SS assignement and comment on it each week???

COMcewens said...

According to MOroni 8 26... Meekness can also mean MADE CLEAN .. I like the FN in MAtthew. gentle and forgiving..... I guess to me, I would think of the Amish, as they forgave and encircled the wife of the man that went in and killed so many children in that school house. Another def is benevolent. Again, using the same story.. they shared all the donations that came in with the widower... if that is not meekness, as the Savio0r would do.. I do not know what is

I guess we could talk about how this sermon is a pattern of the temple? '
Or a blueprint to happiness

Anonymous said...

OK. I thought of the same Amish Schoolhouse story that CoMcEwens mentioned....that story is also the Epitomy of Forgiveness & Charity.

Also, when I think of meek, I think of someone full of Wisdom and Courage, yet so very Gentle.

COMcewens said...

OK I found this:
Elder Maxwell defined meekness in the following way: In daily
discipleship, the many ways to express selfishness are matched by many ways to avoid it. Meekness is
the real cure, for it does not merely mask selfishness but dissolves it! Smaller steps could include asking
ourselves inwardly before undertaking an important action, Whose needs am I really trying to meet? Or
in significant moments of self-expression, we can first count to 10. Such thoughtful filtering can
multiply our offering by 10 as a mesh of reflective meekness filters out destructive and effusive ego
(Neal A. Maxwell, "Repent of [Our] Selfishness" [D&C 56:8]," Ensign, May 1999, 230.)


Anonymous said...

ok PAM..I am glad to finally know your name :) ha ha!!

that is wonderful what you put on here. Gotta Love Neal A. Maxwell!

COMcewens said...

Merianne! LOL Sorry, I thought you knew my name!

Well, Whomever is managing the scripture blog... Here are some more thoughts on Meekness. I know the question was what does it mean to me.... but I loved these thoughts

Hey Merianne! Sorry, I thought you already knew my name!

Well, whomever you are scripture blog person. Although I think I know you...

Here is some more thoughts:
Neal A. Maxwell

“Meekness ranks low on the mortal scale of things, yet high on God's: ‘For none is acceptable before God, save the meek and lowly in heart.’ (Moroni 7:44.) The rigorous requirements of Christian discipleship are clearly unattainable without meekness. In fact, meekness is needed in order to be spiritually successful, whether in matters of the intellect, in the management of power, in the dissolution of personal pride, or in coping with the challenges of daily life. Jesus, the carpenter—who, with Joseph, ‘undoubtedly had experience making yokes’ —gave us that marvelous metaphor: ‘Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart.’ (Matthew 11:29.) The yoke of obedience to Him is far better than servitude to sin, but the demands are real.

“…meekness has a metabolism that actually requires very little praise or recognition-of which there is usually such a shortage anyway.

“…Meekness also protects us from the fatigue of being easily offended. There are so many just waiting to be offended. They are so alerted to the possibility that they will not be treated fairly, they almost invite the verification of their expectations! The meek, not posted on such a fatiguing alert, find rest from this form of fatigue.

“…Bruising as the tumble off the peak of pride is, it may be necessary…Meekness enables us, after a tumble, to pick ourselves up but without putting others down blamefully.

“…The deserving and blessed meek will not only eventually inherit the earth, they will do so when this planet is really worth inheriting!”

“…If meek, we will place all we have on the altar of the Lord and will not ask for a receipt!” (Meek and Lowly, pp. ix, 55, 57, 58, 95, 207)

Neal A. Maxwell

“Human suffering does not automatically produce sweetness and character unless meekness is present. Meekness is the mulch that must go in the soil of adversity in order for empathy to grow and in order for character to grow. Jesus could not have become the most empathetic person had he not been the most meek person.” (The Neal A. Maxwell Quote Book, compiled by Cory H. Maxwell, p. 209)


COMcewens said...

ok, so I thought I would look up the word in the hebrew root. (I know can you say scripture nerd) the root means to rub or smooth out, implying to erase or to smooth.. interesting huh? One other meaning is full of marrow.

SO whats our next thought?? I guess I could look up the greek?

Jan said...

All I know is this, I need to be more meek. I love this thought provoking blog Ms. Scripture Power.


We are suppose to be meek, and when I look in a childs eye, I see it.

Mikki said...

Ok I'm a little late on this post. Found the link on Merrianne's blog.
When I think meek, I think of giving my will over to our Father. You know, bowing down before him, and doing whatever it is He asks, regardless of what I'd rather be doing.
Now if I can just apply this to my life.